April 1, 2023

convicted court crimes funds in the court of appeal V lace, Monday, in prison V right judge Bbrown mellal, company Vice the president group jurisprudence sonrighteous, accused You are getting bribe V problem promote By the tribunal’s decision brown Malal.

And she passed room crimes funds in this court according to sources, prison five years V right judge brown mellal, ANDfive years for the deputy the president group jurisprudence son righteous. After Made follow them accusations corrupt practices on road request quantity financial Opposite chorus on Performance Job from Business his job, and asked bribe from Fine Performance Job from Business connected with your work ANDshare.

And she was items group National to the police judicial, has stopped adviser collectively And the judge It works By the tribunal’s decision address build me Malal, V June 2022 In action You are getting bribe Value O 18 million centimes.

And he came arrest concerned team, after What erected items group National to the police judicial ambush description barbitrator, lead To arrest them with one stations fuel.

ANDcame arrest suspect in them after communication citizen by number green, custom to report on crimes corrupt practices, male through it What concerned team blackmail him Oppositeservice judicial(facilitate manage judicial V crime murder).

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