June 8, 2023

Imports of goods to the Kingdom increased last September by about 60.05 billion rials, up about 27% compared to September 2021.


Imports of goods decreased compared to August 2022 by about 3.46 billion rials, or 5%, according to statistics from the Statistical Office.

The increase in the Kingdom’s imports in September 2022 is due to an increase in imports of machinery and mechanical devices, electrical equipment and their parts by 2 billion rials, or 20%, and an increase in imports of “vehicles, aircraft, ships and similar transport equipment” by 3, 64 billion rials, in addition to the height of several other sections.


China topped the list of countries supplying Saudi Arabia with about 11.86 billion riyals, or 20% of total imports in September 2022, followed by the United States of America and the UAE in second and third positions with a 12% share. and 7% respectively.

The top 10 importing countries accounted for about 61.3% of total imports, equivalent to 36.8 billion rials.


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