February 1, 2023

The Municipality of Qasim Region is reviewing over 100 investment opportunities in activities that benefit all segments of investors at the Qasim Investment Forum at the King Khalid Civilization Center in Buraida, with the participation of a range of government institutions and decision makers from 8 vital sectors under the supervision of the emirate Qasim region.


At the forum, the Secretariat provides a range of services and opportunities to beneficiaries in general and investors in particular to create the greatest investment opportunities and make them available to investors, as well as to diversify the areas of investment opportunities in various activities that contribute to economic development. region growth.

The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing offers thousands of investment opportunities through the municipal investment portal “Foras” in a number of municipalities and municipalities in cities and governorates of the Kingdom.


It aims to expand the competitive base for investment opportunities offered by secretariats and municipalities in all cities in the Kingdom in various economic activities that promote urban development.

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