June 4, 2023

The players of the national football team caught the eye during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Despite the defeat by the French team, they won worldwide love, and different nations crowned them with the “World Cup” and even became a symbol of excellence at the “Qatari World Cup”.

International newspapers wrote about Moroccan superiority, and the American newspaper The New York Times claimed that this version of the World Cup is purely Moroccan, saying: “No matter which team emerges victorious on Sunday, there is always a World Cup for Morocco that has record-breaking pioneer A sign that will not disappear from now on, a whole series of achievements will be the first from Morocco.

An American newspaper reported how, in Qatar, “Morocco became the first team from the Arab world to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Then, a few days later, here it became the first African team to extend its career to the semi-finals, emphasizing that the result in the match with France does not erase or detract from it .. This does not change the fact that she was in Qatar, which Morocco proved to the whole generation that it can work wonders, goalkeeper Yassin Bunu said. In Qatar, Morocco, according to his coach Walid Rekraghi, has redefined the boundaries of what is possible.

And the prestigious newspaper continued: “Morocco has surpassed Belgium, Croatia, Spain and Portugal, illuminated this championship, inspired the continent and reconfigured the limits of possibility,” emphasizing that “in the coming weeks, months and years, it’s not like Morocco, Africa or all those countries that were witnesses in Morocco will see.” Instead, thinking for yourself, this World Cup will be remembered as the Moroccan World Cup to begin with.

For its part, the Los Angeles Times raised many questions such as: “Is Morocco’s exceptional performance at the World Cup a victory for the 450 million amazingly diverse Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa? Or is it a victory for the African continent? Or just for Morocco?” before replying, “Probably all of the above.”

The newspaper reported that “Morocco’s strong performance at the World Cup is a victory for Arabs around the world.” Portugal.”

And the Spanish “Marca” wrote about what it called the “Moroccan lesson”, saying that “the Moroccan team can fight for third and fourth places with their heads held high.”

The French newspaper L’Equipe described the Moroccan national team as a “bold team”, noting that the Lions of Atlas in the match that brought them against the French national team showed a difference “and did not give the players of the blue team the opportunity to prove themselves at their usual level”.

And the British Daily Mail reported that the Moroccan team “was the best and strongest in most periods of the meeting, bringing it together with the French counterpart”, given that it subjected the blue team to “a lot of difficult moments.”

The Italian newspaper Gazzetta del Sport reported that although the French team won the match, “applause and congratulations went to the Moroccan team.”


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