June 8, 2023

Reading articles from some of the newspapers over Friday and the weekend, we start with “Moroccan Events”, which wrote that the Justice and Development Party and the Authenticity and Modernity Party are living under the influence of an internal split, fueled by growing resentment within Bigidis against their General Secretary, Abdelila Benkiran in exchange for growing anger in the ranks of the “Bamians” from their current leadership; Because of the prevailing dissatisfaction within the two parties with the way the Al-Misbah and Al-Jarar parties govern.

And, according to the sources of the newspaper, there is a quiet crisis, to the point that part of the leadership of the Justice and Development Party is boycotting meetings of the general secretariat of the party, while Abdelila Benkiran has declared his desire to absolve himself of responsibility in connection with the persecution to which he is constantly subjected from the leadership of his party.

In turn, the Authenticity and Modernity Party lives in the midst of an internal conflict between Abd al-Latif Wehbe, General Secretary of the Jarrar Party, Minister of Justice, and Fatima Zahraa al-Mansouri, Chairman of the Bam National Council and Minister of Territorial Development, housing construction and urban policy.

The same platform said that Wehbe was being criticized for the way he was leading the party, as well as for freezing Hisham al-Muhajiri’s membership in the Politburo, and that the MP would soon appear before the Al-Jarrar Arbitration and Ethics Committee.

In other news, the same newspaper mentioned that the Criminal Division of the Agadir Court of Appeal ruled that the two sworn judges were sentenced to two years of probation and a fine of AED 30,000 based on forgery of an official document relating to the private agency they had issued in favor of a person fraudulently, through which he was able to sell and dispose of his family’s property in the amount of more than 600 million centimeters.

Moroccan Events also published that a new study warns that millions of immunocompromised people in various countries in the Middle East and North Africa are at risk of neglect. The Lost Millions study, the first of its kind on immunocompromised people in the region, aims to increase public understanding of the situation, strengthen efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic, and help policymakers develop strategies to better protect vulnerable patients during the pandemic and in the future.

“Al-Masaa”, which reported that the special services of the city of Larache launched an investigation into the discovery of the body of an elderly man of eighty-five years old, who died under circumstances described as mysterious in an apartment for rent in one of the city residences.

The news added that the corpse was taken to the mortuary of the Lalla Maryam hospital in the coastal city with the intention of submitting it for a medical autopsy to prepare a detailed report on the true causes of this death.
The same newspaper reported that the Misdemeanor and Disciplinary Panel of the Marrakech Court of First Instance had adjourned until December 12 the trial of a policeman, a Frenchman of Algerian origin and a third person on charges of illegal immigration and forgery of documents, in order to prepare the defense.

Al-Masaa also said that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population is launching a national campaign to prevent complications resulting from chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to the same platform, data from the Ministry showed that more than 25,000 children have diabetes, more than 2.7 million adults have diabetes, 49 percent of whom are unaware of their condition, and more than 2.2 million people who are predisposed to diabetes suffer from diabetes. from high blood pressure, adding that the link between diabetes and high blood pressure is so damaging to health that it doubles the risk of serious complications.

With regard to Bayan al-Youm, it was the opening of the Al-Karb Center for Young Farmers and Food Entrepreneurs in Had Kort, Sidi Qasem province, where agricultural equipment purchased for the benefit of agricultural cooperatives supported by the as part of a project request related to the support of agricultural entrepreneurial initiatives.

For its part, Al-Alam said that Morocco had participated in the ninth high-level symposium on “Peace and Security in Africa”, which was organized in the city of Oran in western Algeria.
According to the same news, Morocco’s participation in this symposium is within the continuity of the Kingdom’s commitment to an Africa of peace, stability and prosperity, and is the culmination of Morocco’s efforts for peace, security and sustainable development on the continent.

Al-Khatim of the Socialist Union, who was told by Fouad Al-Sargini, director general of the Agency for the Development and Rehabilitation of the City of Fes, that the exchange of experience and knowledge between the agency and institutions in Jerusalem will contribute to and revive the common urban and architectural heritage.

And the same news added that Al-Sarghini emphasized in his speech at a scientific seminar organized by the Bait Mal Al-Quds Agency in cooperation with the Development and Rehabilitation Agency of the City of Fes, with the support of the Ministry of National Territory. Preparation, urbanization, housing and urban policy on the topic “Between Fes and Jerusalem. Protection and preservation of ancient architecture is the common responsibility of mankind Openness of the Kingdom’s Science Capital to develop its experience with other cities such as Al-Quds Al-Sharif or other Arab and Islamic cities, whether in terms of technical or managerial aspect.


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