June 2, 2023

An independent syndicate of nurses and healthcare professionals has developed a new program of protest over what it sees as a lack of dialogue and broken promises about wage fairness.

Nurses are preparing for regional pickets in front of the regional departments of health and social protection of the population on Thursday, April 13, from 15:00 and will end with a group breakfast.

The wearers of the white overalls also decided to mark International Nurse’s Day with a 24-hour national strike, followed by a stand in front of Parliament on Thursday 11 May, and a national symposium on the 12th of the same month. , the time and place of which will be announced later.

Fatima Zaraa Blaine, a member of the National Council of the Independent Syndicate of Nurses and Medical Professionals, confirmed that the appointments are part of a series drawn up by the union to express her disapproval of the Feb. 24 agreement signed by the unions and the government. , emphasizing that it does not include medical personnel.

The spokeswoman recorded in a statement to Hespress that this agreement, which was signed by the social partners on behalf of the nurse, was not with the latter; While successes have been made for all groups in the sector and their demands have been met, while the group that has been on the front lines during the pandemic has not been crowned with gratitude for their efforts.

Blaine urged the prime minister to “keep promises and spare the Moroccan nurse from material and legal suffering by adhering to proper wage fairness and not by resorting to the far-fetched excuses that those who wanted to end the remaining hope of a Moroccan nurse who is tired of wandering and tormented by deaf ears and having killed him is denied by all subsequent governments.”

A member of the National Council of the Independent Syndicate of Nurses and Health Professionals also emphasized that the nursing component is an important pillar of the success of every reform in the health sector, and any deviation from its just demands is part of the failure of the seminars to change the sector.

The nurses considered the lack of dialogue to be “a clear message about the lack of real will to redress nurses and healthcare workers who have been victims of all failed policies and the continued denial of the heroic role of nurses and healthcare professionals during the Covid 19 pandemic when everyone was in their homes doing their moral and professional duties and faced with a deadly virus that does not know that scientists have nothing to do with it, except for the name.

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