June 4, 2023

Tadawul Saudi Arabia today launched a market maker structure that includes equity and derivatives markets to provide liquidity and improve pricing efficiency in Saudi Arabia’s financial market.
Subject to the market establishment provisions, any person wishing to engage in market establishment activities must be a market or derivatives market participant in Tadawul, Saudi Arabia and may engage in market establishment activities on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients.
The market maker enters orders to buy and sell the relevant security listed on the exchange, constantly during the open market session in order to ensure the availability of liquidity for this security in accordance with the provisions of the market rules.
Tadawul Saudi Chief Executive Muhammad Al Rumaih confirmed that the announcement of the equity and derivatives market industry is an important step to ensure that liquidity is available in line with internationally recognized standards and practices, adding that the success of Tadawul Saudi Arabia has implemented a wide range of improvements over the past years. which is essential to support development efforts. Strengthening the growth of the financial market of Saudi Arabia, strengthening the trading position of Saudi Arabia as an attractive investment destination for investors and exporters at the regional and international levels.
Notably, Saudi Tadawul will publish on its website a list including market makers and securities subject to market maker activity, and will also provide a set of incentives for market makers after fulfilling the obligations indicated by Saudi Tadawul.


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