December 2, 2022

A number of associations and bar associations expressed their opposition to the decision to suspend the strike, which was attended by professionals in the sector, in protest against the way they are taxed under the Finance Act 2023.

In this context, the office of the Union of Young Lawyers in the administration of Rabat, after a meeting held today, Wednesday, confirmed its disagreement with the outcome of the meeting held yesterday between the Moroccan Bar Association, the Head of Government, the Minister of Justice and the Minister delegated to the Ministry of Finance in charge of the budget.

The Union confirmed that the aforementioned meeting undermined the professional struggle that all male and female lawyers were waging, considering that this was completely not in line with their expectations.

The union urged the Rabat Bar Council to continue the boycott, “which remains a requirement for a professional base that needs to be taken into account as an expression of lawyers’ disagreement with a tax deduction that the office considered far from the desired tax fairness in the bar, calling at the same time to convene an extraordinary general meeting to study new tax data and identify possible means and solutions to overcome the crisis that the legal profession is experiencing.

In the same context, the Board of the Beni Mellal Bar Association, following an extraordinary meeting today, Wednesday, announced its decision to withdraw from the meetings until further notice.

For its part, the Meknes Bar Association called for an extraordinary meeting to be held on December 2 to examine a number of cases, especially professional achievements, tax affairs, professional law, and qualifying examinations.

And yesterday, Tuesday, the Association of Bars of Morocco announced the suspension of the strike of its affiliates from work in the courts, starting today, Wednesday.

A statement released by the association said the “suspension” comes after “an agreement was reached with the government regarding the tax file” at a meeting on Tuesday, “pending the conclusions and results of the joint technical committee.” ”

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