March 25, 2023

Moroccans living in the UK mobilized today, Wednesday, before the Royal Court of Justice in London to defend the association agreement between Morocco and the United Kingdom, which benefits entirely from the southern provinces.

Ahead of maneuvers hatched by enemies of the kingdom’s territorial integrity who want to cover up their latest setbacks by trying to persuade British justice to renegotiate the post-Brexit trade deal between the two kingdoms, Britain’s Moroccans gathered in front of the courthouse, hoisting the national flag to make their voices heard and validated. However, the agreement serves the interests of population and development in all regions of the Kingdom, from north to south, without exception.

Youssef El Kaidi, a Moroccan based in London, said: “We are here to reassure the British that we support a partnership agreement that serves the interests of the two kingdoms, especially the southern provinces of Morocco.”

El Kaidi clarified that this agreement could only benefit the economies of the two countries, adding: “As Moroccans, we would like to express our full support for the agreements concluded by the Kingdom, which apply on land from Tangier to Laguira and we encourage the British authorities to further develop relations with Morocco.

For her part, Hana Al Hafidi, a UK-based pharmacist from Dakhla, reaffirmed her support for a partnership agreement between Morocco and the UK that benefits both nations.

“I have just returned from Dakhla, my hometown, and have seen with my own eyes the scenes of the development of the southern provinces… I can only support the trade agreements made by Morocco to serve my region,” El-Hafidi said.

Moroccan citizens, including collectives and professionals from various sectors, called on the British government to assess the benefits of the partnership agreement between Morocco and the UK in order to invest in other areas of cooperation, especially in the provinces of southern Morocco, which are rich in huge economic opportunities.

Raising banners warning of the threat posed by the separatists to the stability of North Africa as a whole, the assembled Moroccans demanded that the British judiciary refuse to consider this agreement, warning against desperate maneuvers by ostensibly non-governmental organizations whose threads are well known.

It is noteworthy that the partnership agreement between Morocco and the UK, signed in London on October 26, 2019, is valid from January 1, 2021.

In the context of bilateral relations, the agreement consolidates all the points taken on by the two countries under the Association Agreement between Morocco and the European Union, as it guarantees the continuity of exchanges between the two countries after December 31, 2020.

The agreement, which promotes the direction of a structured partnership between the two countries, provides guarantees to Moroccan and British companies that engage in economic and trade relations in various fields.

Fast "London Moroccans" They denounce the POLISARIO’s delusions, which first appeared on Hespress – Hespress, a Moroccan electronic newspaper.

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