March 28, 2023

Abdel-Wafi Laftat, the interior minister, said the training of masters in “constitutional law and political science” was incompatible with the required specialization in “administrative law” for matches organized by the ministry.

Answering a written question from MP Fatima Al-Zahra Bata about the Parliamentary Group for Justice and Development, about “conditions for competitive selection for second-rank management personnel in the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” the minister explained that the ministry “undertakes to comply with all constitutional and organizational requirements related to the management and organization of competitions for positions.

The government official added: “Because of the master’s degree, it is clear that it enters the field of political science as an independent field of science and knowledge within the department of public law, while holders of the master’s degree in administrative law study subjects that meet the requirements and needs expressed by various departments associated with this ministry, which contributes to the choice of framework for the implementation of the tasks assigned to them.

Luftith emphasized that “the competition for the employment of second-class administrators, announced in the interests of this ministry, remains open to all graduates of colleges in the kingdom who meet the conditions stipulated in the announcements of these competitions.”

Luftith believes that “the ministry announces the organization of competitions for the recruitment of second-class administrators in the person of graduates of the colleges of the kingdom, based on the needs for specialized human resources, expressed by the interests of both central and decentralized administration, as well as the requirements of jobs to be filled” .

He pointed out that “the definition of the specialization of administrative law takes place in relation to the department of public law, taking into account the materials included in this specialization, which meet the needs expressed by the various interests of this ministry.”

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