March 25, 2023

In the context of seeking to provide a Moroccan digital cultural alternative, Moroccan researchers launched the Moalema website with the aim of providing digital scientific knowledge content on the Internet based on reliable sources and links, providing researchers and readers with content that matches their need with knowledge about Morocco, Moroccan society and its civilization in various historical aspects, cultural, civilizational, geographical, social and economic.

“Maalemma”, which promotes the slogan “Your Window to Authentic Knowledge”, sees in its organizers a way to enrich Moroccan content written in Arabic on the Internet and an opportunity to present Morocco and Moroccan society in its various aspects to the reader in Arabic, as well as to provide solid, documented and comprehensive knowledge of the Moroccan genius in its various historical, cultural, civilizational, geographical, social and economic aspects.

Usama Khadrawi, a researcher with a PhD in popular culture among the curators of the platform, said in an interview with Al-Youm 24 about the idea of ​​launching this electronic portal: “The idea of ​​a teacher has been in our minds for years, and we always put off releasing and working on it , until it was taken out this year. Specifically, the month of June, and work began on compiling scientific materials in various political, intellectual and cultural fields, and today we have reached more than 100 published articles on the teacher’s website.

According to the organizers, the teacher platform is curated by an ambitious young team that is envious of Morocco and wants to provide intellectual and cultural content with a creative spirit and thoughtful work in all fields, cultural, social, political and economic, and believes in the idea of ​​creating and producing Moroccan digital content on 100 percent.

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