March 28, 2023

Manchester United snatched a European Championship Round of 16 qualification card from Barcelona, ​​Spain to Old Trafford in the second leg of the play-offs after the match ended in a 2-1 victory for United, bringing the overall score 4-3 in favor of the British.

We saw how in the first half of the meeting, despite a strong start for United, the first goal came at the expense of the guests, so Barcelona scored the decisive goal in the 18th minute through Lewandowski from the penalty spot, after Bruno blocked the penalty. Baldi inside the area. After the goal, Manchester United’s performance dropped sharply, and the first half ended with the advantage of the guests.

And as we entered the second half, United managed in the second minute of the half, with Farid’s feet, to quickly equalize and set the match on fire after a mistake by a Barcelona player.

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The danger remained from United, who came with more than one rebound, but the attacks were not optimally organized, so the first real threat came in the second half from Barcelona in the 63rd minute, after Condé turned his header into goal, but De Gea brilliantly beat him, retaining the advantage of United. The qualifying card is decided in the meeting.

And with him, United managed in the 73rd minute to settle relations with the legs of Anthony, who replaced Wyhorst, in the ball with 3 lives, after Rafinha made a mistake in possession of the ball, so Bruno passed to Garnacho, who shot, but the defense Barcelona blocked, then Fred shot to save the ball again, but the third was fixed, so Anthony’s shot hit the net, pulling out a qualifying card for the 1/8 finals, driving Barcelona away, expecting a draw to determine his opponent in the next round.

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