February 8, 2023

Manchester United outplayed Manchester City and won the derby in their favour, winning two goals to one in the twentieth round of the English Premier League this season, moving United to third place with 38 points behind City , who finished second with 39 points. points.


In the first half of the match, United’s Rashford missed the chance to score two goals, the first of which was when he beat goalkeeper Ederson and then shot, but City’s defense saved the ball from the goal line.

Secondly, Ederson successfully blocked him amid attempts by City player Haaland to use crosses.


In the second half, City scored in the 60th minute thanks to Gerlich’s powerful header that went into the net from a perfect cross from Kevin De Bruyne.

But in the 80th minute, Bruno Fernandez was able to equalize for United with a powerful shot from the edge of the box, and just two minutes later, specifically in the 82nd minute, Rashford scored, with a powerful strike from a beautiful cross, which Rashford followed into the net with a powerful blow, ending the match with a two-goal-one victory for United.

United were able to maintain the lead with two goals, one until the last minutes of the match amid City’s objections to the refereeing performance after Haaland called for a penalty kick in the last minute of the match, but the referee decides to end the game and the match ended in victory for United » with a score of two goals: one.


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