March 28, 2023

Maroc Telecom went to court to challenge the decision of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, which ordered the company to pay a fine of around AED 2.45 billion.

The decision was made in July last year due to the company’s failure to comply with the terms of competition with other telecommunications companies.
This is the second major fine facing the company after a fine imposed by the agency in 2020, amounting to about 3.3 billion dirhams.

Maroc Telecom has applied to the Court of Appeal in Rabat to challenge the agency’s decision as the law allows it to do so, but earlier in the statement it was announced that it took note of the agency’s decision and that it will count towards the payment of this fine.
The agency accuses the company of failing to comply with the decision to share telecommunications infrastructure with other companies, while the company believes that the matter is in the investments it has made.

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