February 1, 2023

Riad Mazour, Minister of Industry and Trade, acknowledged that there are “many constraints and needs” that stand in the way of developing, rehabilitating or creating new industrial zones in Morocco, explaining that his sector is “trying to overcome them step by step, and we are on the way , according to which each region will have its own industrial zone.

And the Minister of Industry and Trade said last night, Monday, in response to three joint questions from representatives of the majority groups and the opposition, that “economic activity is impossible without real estate or the location of industrial activity”, revealing the creation of 12 thousand hectares of industrial zones, including almost all regions of the Kingdom (currently) supporting the wheel of economic growth by attracting foreign investment and stimulating their patriotism.

In a tone of acknowledgment of the deficit and efforts to eliminate it, a government official said: “It is known that we have not decided everything yet, there are still many restrictions and needs, the most important of which is that we must respond to the needs of small, medium and large cities, who want to transform activities that are no longer suitable for cities” before confirming that “the newly passed law on industrial zones will propose amendments to it within the framework of the appropriate parliamentary committee, as well as the study of amendments made by the Soviet Chamber in order to combat speculation and obliging the exploiters of the regions to certain procedures.

And in response to their appreciation of what they called “commendable and commendable efforts” made in areas of industrial acceleration or areas of economic activity, the comments of some MPs highlighted the weakness of industrial activity in certain regions and regions (Azilal Beni Mellal, Guelmim-Oued Noun , Asa Al-Zak…), while Mazur drew attention in his comment. He cited his ministry’s “awareness of the issue of spatial justice”, acknowledging his ministry’s work centrally with a number of city councils to support them in their efforts to establish industrial zones or economic zones to transform their operations or rehabilitate existing ones.

Regarding the category of small or very small contractors, the Minister stated that the most serious problem they face is “the inability to acquire the property necessary for their activities, but we help and accompany them in this as much as possible by expanding or reconfiguring operations with local councils.”

Mazur cited “efforts to revive projects and feasibility studies of stalled industrial estates by circumventing the narrow logic that governs some elected councils and the struggles of their officials”, pointing out that his ministry “cannot control all areas from the center”.

The speaker concluded before the deputies that “Currently, there are more than 150 industrial zones in Morocco”, highlighting that “22 agreements were signed in 2022 with the aim of creating an additional 1,400 hectares of industrial activity, and the ministry is ready to keep pace with the times.” with any region, which can contribute to the dynamism of investment and job creation.”

On the topic related to “support for companies exporting to Europe after the adoption of the carbon tax”, the Minister of Industry explained that “the application of the carbon tax will be an incentive to accelerate the dynamism of supporting the competitiveness of Moroccan manufacturing companies. ”from surplus production.

In this regard, Mazur praised “clean electricity generation efforts”, which reduces electricity costs for producers, as well as the ministry’s support for “recycling” activities. proud of the competence of Moroccan men and women.”

According to the same minister’s updated statements, “industrial exports grew by more than 34 percent until the end of November 2022, despite a slight decrease in demand in the European market,” seeing this as “evidence of the competitiveness and attractiveness of Moroccan industry.” which we strive to improve despite the crises.”

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