June 8, 2023

Discussion of the Moroccan water crisis and the agricultural crisis dominated the Marrakesh-Safi region council meeting on Monday morning, Oct. 3. From AED 200 to AED 1,200, prompting a ministry spokesman to reassure elected officials by providing a sizable supply of grain to bypass this period.

The Acting Director of the Tensift Water Basin Agency made a presentation on the results of a water efficiency study with a group of government agencies and hospitality units, which was conducted by the Water Basin Agency in partnership with the region’s vilayets and with the financial support of the Marrakesh-Safi Regional Council. This study culminated in the writing of a work program that includes a series of immediate and other measures in the short to medium term to reduce the water bills of the relevant institutions by 38-40%.

Rashid Naam, Director of the Regional Project Implementation Agency, presented a detailed report on the achievements and progress of the Regional Project Implementation Agency, primarily the Tamansurt Technology Complex project in Harbil commune in the Marrakesh prefecture, the new generation wholesale market projects, the regional agricultural pole in Sidi commune Buatman in Rahamna Province and the Azkan Line Integrated Industrial Zone and Logistics Project in Safi District, in addition to the construction of health centers in Chichahua, Al Haouz, Rahamna and Safi Districts.

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