February 1, 2023

The specialized medical team at the Gassani Regional Hospital in Fez has restored the hope of normal walking to a 40-year-old patient after undergoing high-quality and precise surgery to replace the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments by implanting a single replacement ligament in their place. out of two.

The beneficiary of this operation, which is the first of its kind at the level of regional hospitals in Morocco, suffered a severe injury to his left knee six months ago, which severely tore his ligaments.

This operation was carried out last Thursday under the supervision of Dr. Atef Al-Mashat, an orthopedic and joint specialist, and Dr. Jalal Al-Hamumi, an anesthesia and resuscitation specialist, as well as qualified medical personnel from the aforementioned public. hospital.

According to Dr. Atef Al-Mashat, the patient had difficulty walking and running, and could not return to normal life and work due to the instability of the joint at the level of the injured knee.

He added in a statement to Hespress that it was necessary to undergo this complex and delicate operation before this patient’s condition, explaining that this surgery, which lasted three hours, used the technique of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament replacement. ligaments by implanting one replaceable ligament instead of two ligaments.

He added that in addition to this, the graft used in the transplant process was obtained by adopting the self-sacrifice method of taking it from the patient’s own knee, indicating that small incisions were made in the skin for this purpose to avoid damage. to tissues.

Al-Mashat explained that this operation, which is called MIS or minimally invasive surgery, ensures the patient’s speedy rehabilitation, as it preserves the integrity of the muscles and ligaments.

To ensure the success of this type of delicate and complex surgical operation, according to the orthopedist himself, the availability of special medical and technical equipment, which is now available in regional hospitals, is required.

Al-Mashat indicated that the fee for this surgery was paid through the health insurance system, while the patient’s contribution was limited to the provision of some medical supplies not available in the hospital.

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