February 1, 2023

A coordination meeting was held at the Prefectural Headquarters of the Midelt Region to study the preventive measures and measures taken to counter the cold wave in the current winter season, as well as ways to mitigate its negative impact on the population, especially those living in hard-to-reach areas.

Mustafa Al-Nukhi, Governor of the Midelta region, chaired this meeting, which was attended by, among others, the secretary general for employment, the head of the internal affairs department, the head of the Midelt district council, the head of the regional tourism board, heads of security services, authorities in the region, heads of territorial groups and heads of external interests in the region, as well as heads of employment departments.

A communiqué issued by the regional administration said the worker confirmed in his speech on the occasion that this meeting is being held in pursuance of royal directives related to the activation of a comprehensive national plan aimed at limiting the effects of a severe cold wave and mitigating its effects on the affected population. .

The worker indicated that at the level of the Midelt district, a set of proactive measures and measures have been adopted for the benefit of residents of the target areas, presented in a set of procedures and measures, including “activating the regional committee for vigilance and monitoring the risks associated with a cold wave”, and “identifying areas affected by the cold wave. in areas that will experience a cold wave, find out their needs as soon as they receive warning telegrams.

The same regional official confirmed, adding in a release that “name lists have been prepared for pregnant women to track and record their health and social status” and “preparation of name lists for patients with kidney failure in areas subject to isolation. to intervene in time to place them in areas where there are blood purification centers.” And “Compilation of lists of the homeless to be accommodated in centers prepared for this”, houses, maternity hospitals and nursing homes in winter”, as well as “determination of landing sites for helicopters under the influence of groups associated with the cold wave, in coordination with the interests of the Royal Gendarmerie “.

The district worker called on all caring officials to take great care of citizens, wherever they are, as well as provide them with direct support during the period of snowfalls, rains and severe colds, emphasizing the comprehensive and continuous mobilization of ring roads, villages, and affected areas through the crystallization of active an approach aimed at protecting citizens and facilitating their access to public services, economic and social facilities.

During this meeting, a detailed and detailed presentation, supported by statistical data, was made by the Head of the Department of Internal Affairs, the Regional Director of the Ministry of Technology and Water Resources, the Regional Representative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Regional Director of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, the Regional Delegate for National Cooperation and representative of the Ministry of Agriculture. Through it, they reviewed the current situation and assessed the current situation, and recalled all the measures and measures taken by the regional labor and foreign interests of the ministerial sectors, local governments and security agencies in anticipation of a cold wave with the influence of the region.

This meeting concluded, according to the same communication, with the presentation of a set of multi-purpose machines that were purchased by the Regional Council as part of its contribution to reducing the pressure on other machines and tools available to various administrative departments. and territorial groups in this area, which will be placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for immediate intervention All road sections in the region, when necessary.


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