February 8, 2023

Argentine player Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain has said that the next edition of the upcoming World Cup will be his last at the World Cup.


Lionel Messi explained in an interview with the Argentine newspaper Ole: “I count the days of the World Cup, anxiety and nerves at the same time, I want it to be now. What will happen, this is the last tournament. we can’t wait for the competition to start.”


Lionel Messi continued: “Anything can happen at the World Cup, all matches are very difficult, and that is why the World Cup is very difficult and special, because not always the favorites win or end the way you do. expect.”


Lionel Messi explained: “I don’t know if we are big favourites, but Argentina itself is always the favourite, because of the history, because of what it means, and even more so now that we are coming, but we are not the favourites. very close.”

This article was first published for me by Messi: FIFA World Cup 2022 in Al-Wiam e-newspaper.

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