June 4, 2023

Agriculture Minister Muhammad al-Siddiqi said the milk production chain plays an important role at the economic and social level and covers 98 percent of citizens’ needs for milk and its derivatives.

However, since 2021, imbalances have appeared in the network due to the effects of Covid 19 and the rise in feed prices due to the global crisis and the effects of drought.

“The Ministry, in constant consultation with professionals, has taken structural and urgent measures to support manufacturers by accelerating the content of the software node as part of the green generation strategy,” he said.

The temporary import of dairy products has also been simplified, and imported feed is exempt from value added tax.

The minister explained that the network includes 260 producers, 15 industrial operators and 1.8 million heads of dairy cows, which produce between 2.2 and 2.5 billion liters of milk, depending on the year.

The dairy network also provides 50 million working days per year and achieves a turnover of 13 billion dirhams and an added value of 6 billion dirhams.

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