June 2, 2023

On Wednesday, the government council approved the appointment of Kenza Abu Romman as director of youth affairs at the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communications at the suggestion of Minister Mahdi Bensaid.

This appointment is a matter of much controversy. Ms. Abu Rumman, together with the Minister of Culture, founded the Association of Young Democrats of Morocco, which was founded by Bensaid. In addition, the conditions of candidacy for this position were called into question, as they were tailored for this female candidate, especially the qualification requirement with seven years of work experience.

Abu Rumman was a clerk at Al-Maghrib Bank with seven years of professional experience. Her professional biography, posted on her LinkedIn account, states that she works as a “project manager” and also specializes in internal control.

The second woman, whose candidacy for the position of inspector general in this ministry, causes similar controversy. Kenza Buzubaa, who was also a colleague of the same minister for the League of Young Democrats.

The ministry denies any problems with Ms. Abu Rumman’s candidacy. She said: “Everyone has the right to participate in the nomination of his candidacy for high public office.”

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