March 25, 2023
The Ministry of Information, represented by the State Communication Center, announced the launch of a digital skills training program in partnership with Google, which will be implemented in stages and will reach more than 2,000 young women and men.

The first phase, which included two training courses, was launched with more than 120 interns from the public and private sectors, as well as university students, as part of the Skills by Google program.

These training courses are one of the initiatives of the IGNITE digital content program, which aims to provide national talent with the opportunity to take advantage of digital opportunities and acquire the necessary tools to develop their skills, as well as increase the share of local digital content and improve their skills. young leaders in various digital sectors.

The Google Skills program aims to train individuals and business owners with the digital skills they need to advance their business and career opportunities.

The program, available in Arabic, focuses on several digital areas, such as: the basics of digital marketing, creating e-shops on the Internet, ways to increase the presence of a business in a digital format, and others.

Notably, this partnership, which includes the Skills by Google training series, is part of the IGNITE digital content program and aims to achieve the Kingdom’s global leadership in the digital content sector and develop its platforms, improve the regulatory and legislative environment in the field of digital content, as well as stimulate the digital content market through integrated management, which contributes to the growth and expansion of the sector.

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