April 1, 2023

Hespress from RabatSunday, February 26, 2023 – 09:25

The Ministry of the Interior refused to change the name of the Souss-Massa region to the Agadir-Souss-Massa region in response to a request filed by MP Zainab Idhli of the National Rally of Independents party.

Interior Minister Abdel Wafi Laftit confirmed, in response to a question from a member of the national team, that the naming of the regions of the kingdom, including the interested party, was based on the findings and recommendations contained in the report of the Regionalization Advisory Committee, which was prepared after a series of consultations held by the aforementioned committee with bodies and actors, interested and qualified parties, including political parties, elected bodies, civil society actors, and a range of researchers and experts familiar with the subject.

“Under the current circumstances, there is no reason to change the name of the organization,” he added.

For her part, Edhley said: “In the Souss-Massa region, various government and territorial entities, travel agencies and tour operators are making exceptional efforts to restore the prosperity of the tourism sector in the region, especially through the rehabilitation of the hotel infrastructure. strengthening air connectivity, improving and diversifying services, and encouraging investment in tourism.” whether in electronic search engines or in international travel salons.

She added that Agadir, the capital of the Souss-Massa region, which has recently been a favorite tourist destination for international tourism, is experiencing a marked decline. This resulted in the closure of dozens of hotel units and the loss of hundreds of jobs.

She noted that the strategic directions included in the Regional Territory Preparation Plan are aimed at once again accepting the “Greater Agadir” as a driving force for the development of the tourism sector, especially since the tourist offer of Agadir is organically linked to the offer of the various regions of the region (Edotnan hinterland , Chtuka Ait Baha, Tiznit, Taroudant and Tata), especially with the advent of structured tourism projects such as Taghazout and Imsuan, so “Agadir” remains the key word for promoting all these destinations, especially since the main entrances (airport and port ) bear this name.

Sousse-Massa Regional Parliament Abdel Wafi Laftit

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