February 8, 2023
Photo: Hussein Jamili

Hespress – Manal LotfiFriday, January 20, 2023 – 11:03 am

The Mohammed V Theater in Rabat organized on Thursday evening, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, an artistic evening, which brought together the brightest stars of Moroccan music, in honor of the talented artist Amal Abdelkader.

The art concert was performed by artists Mohamed Al-Masri, Fouad Al-Hamani, Hisham Al-Dakali and Osama Abdel-Dayem under the direction of the Reda Al-Idrisi Musical Orchestra with the participation of comedian Jawad Al-Sayeh. and media, Maryam Kasiri.

In this regard, the singer Amal Abdel Kader, in a statement to Hespress, expressed great joy in connecting with her audience after a four-year absence, coinciding with the conditions of the pandemic, adding that she hopes the evening will be successful because it includes a group of the most important musical voices, and she expresses her gratitude to the Mohammed V Theatre. The Ministry is the guardian of this good initiative.

Jawad Al-Sayeh said in a statement to Hespress that he is happy to be part of this artistic showcase, which provides an opportunity to learn the journey of the talented singer Amal Abdel-Kader, as well as a response to her and a group of artists who have been absent from Moroccan television in recent years.

For his part, the artist and composer Said Mujahid said in a statement to Hespress that he was honored to be present at the evening of the singer Amal Abdel Kader, who has universal recognition and has a special influence on his heart, indicating that he unites with her beautiful memories that stretch over the years, and before he dealt with her at the level of melodies, in a group of lyrical works from a beautiful time.

Media, Maryam Kassiri, who led the presentation of the concert, said in an interview with Hespress that the Moroccan public missed musical evenings of this kind, which are rarely organized in Moroccan theaters, expressing her joy at attending this event dedicated to the outstanding and capable singer Tina Amal Abdel Kader, with participation of a group of the brightest stars of Rapture.

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