February 1, 2023
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Hespress – WLLSunday, November 20, 2022 – 07:17

Mohammed V University Rabat won, through the Mohammediah School of Engineering Center for Technological Innovation, the Gold Medal and the Excellence Award in the ICAN 2022 International Invention and Innovation Competition, which was recently organized in Toronto, Canada.

The university said in a statement that these awards were given to inventors and innovators, Professor Hasan Amur, director of the Center for Technological Innovation at the Mohammedia School of Engineers, and one of his graduate students, Radwan Carli, for their innovative project. “A new smart scanner for breast cancer detection using microwave imaging”.

The same source explained that it is “the first efficient, harmless and inexpensive Moroccan smart scanner for detecting breast cancer.”

On this occasion, Mohamed Ghachi, President of the Mohammed V University in Rabat, expressed his pride in the results achieved by the inventors and innovators, praising the efforts made by educational and administrative structures to provide decent and high-quality supervision.

Gashi also emphasized the quality of education, research and innovation at the university, which meets the requirements of the present and future and prepares university graduates to better respond to the growing needs of the market.

Organized by the Toronto International Innovation and Excellence Association (TISIAS) in collaboration with the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA), the World Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA) and the Cooperative Innovation Initiative (ICO), this competition was reportedly marked by the participation of 81 countries and destinations and more 700 inventions and innovations.

ICANN 2022 Inventions and Innovations Mohammed V University

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