November 29, 2022

Like other Moroccans in Morocco and beyond, Montreal Moroccans follow the World Cup hosted by Qatar in great detail.

In this context, Muhammad al-Kiblawi, a spokesperson for the Montreal transport sector, said that the World Cup in its Qatari version is among the best international football events and “this is what we saw at the opening ceremony and also in the first interview; Because there are many positive things that will accompany this Arabic version.”

Regarding the national team, Kablawi added: “They have a great chance for many reasons; First, he has a young and ambitious coach and was previously a Moroccan international. Therefore, he is aware of the psychological pressure that players are subjected to in such cases, and is able to cope with it and make it easier for them, especially since he is close to their age and way of thinking, while not forgetting that he previously played in Europe and trained in national championship and has experience playing in the Qatari atmosphere… Therefore, he knows the strengths and weaknesses of many teams.

The same representative added: “The match against Croatia will be key to the nature of Moroccan participation; Therefore, we must invest our best and not focus on Croatia as a name, especially since most Croatian players are at the end of their football careers and at an advanced age, unlike young Moroccan players.

For his part, Dries Moaiti, real estate consultant in Montreal, expressed a great sense of optimism about the Moroccan presence, saying: “I am very optimistic because we will play in an Arab country as if we were in Morocco and there will be great public support from the Arabs and the Maghreb.”

And added: “I believe that coach Walid Regragui provides important motivation and support to the elements of the national elite, who, as we have seen, have become a close-knit family, committed to winning and representing Morocco in the best possible way.”

Regarding the match against Canada, Moaiti noted that the Canadian team has something that sets them apart and can be a kind of danger, noting: “We all know that the Moroccan team, the more open the game, the better their performance; Because most of his players play in the European Championships, unlike the Canadian team, which plays according to closed game logic and relies on fixed shots and pressure on the ball carrier. I think you need to remember this when you meet with the Canadian team.

Ali El-Khadari, director from Montreal, predicted that Morocco would win the first match against Croatia, believing it was necessary. Because “the first match is the key to the remaining stages of Morocco’s participation in this World Cup.”

The spokesman added that he believes “the current roster has required great effort from the university and coach Walid Regraki to attract Moroccan players with an international presence and important physicality, and confirms that they have shown a high level of understanding among them; This is an important indicator of the possibility of winning the first interview.”

Regarding the match between Morocco and Canada, Ali believes that “the Canadian team does not have a great football history, unlike the Moroccan team; Therefore, it is logical that the Moroccan team will win.”

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