March 28, 2023

The Accounts Chamber recorded the presence of more than 3,300 unstructured industrial enterprises in the Casablanca area, “which have not been subject to any environmental impact studies.”

In his 2021 activity report, he explained that the waste from unstructured industrial installations in the Mediun region causes repeated damage to the membranes and ultrafiltration equipment of the treatment plant.

In addition, primary processing plants located on the coast receive untreated industrial waste, which is then discharged through a marine estuary 2 to 3.5 kilometers into the ocean.

It also causes disruptions associated with clogging and wear and tear on sewage disposal equipment, according to the Water and Electricity Delegate Management Company in Casablanca and the Water and Electricity Distribution Agency in El Jadida.

The most important causes of these environmental problems, according to a Council report published in the Official Gazette on March 7, are related to “the lack of a legal framework that would punish the discharge of polluted water from industrial facilities into the sewer network of residential buildings in the city. ”

In addition, the law relating to water and the decree regarding direct or indirect spills, runoff, discharges and deposits in surface or ground waters do not provide for specific penalties for this type of practice.

These units were established on an area that represents more than 67% of the total area of ​​premises for the reception of production activities before the entry into force of the law concerning environmental impact studies.

The rest of the units, occupying about 33% of the total area, are aware of “several problems of an environmental nature, even if they are the subject of an environmental impact assessment.”

Among these problems are “the absence or weakness of the capacity of treatment facilities and the presence of industrial plants, the waste of which differs in a different and diverse chemical composition, which makes it impossible to treat them at one station and with the same means.” “.

As well as the lack of devices that control the degree of compliance with the conditions of environmental conservation provided for in environmental impact studies.

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