June 8, 2023

The artists expressed great pride in the Morocco national football team, despite the end of the match, which brought them together with their French colleague for reaching the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup with a score of 2:0 in favor of the Roosters.

Despite the elimination of the Atlas Lions in the World Cup semi-finals, artists on social media expressed their satisfaction with the honorable achievement achieved by the Moroccan players since the start of the World Cup final.

Moroccan artist Saad Lamyarred said: “Moroccans are proud of the Atlas lions that honored us and lifted our heads,” expressing great gratitude to them for the historic achievements they have achieved, their generosity and the joy they sent to hearts.

For her part, actress Najat El-Wafi said that the players of the national team played with their heart and soul, made everyone happy and made Moroccans and Arabs realize one of their most beautiful dreams.

In turn, actress Cihan Kidari, who came to Qatar to support the Atlas Lions, said: “The result of the interview should not forget that we won the team and the coach, made the world remember our biography, and that we are the first Arab-African team, advanced to the semi-finals of the World Cup; It’s a very big deal.”

Artist Rachid El-Wali also expressed his satisfaction with what the Moroccan national team had achieved, praising the performance of the Lions and their plan, which entertained everyone and showed that the Moroccans play football well, adding that the Moroccan national team deserves love. and recognition from all over the world.

For his part, the artist Abdel Hafiz ad-Dozi expressed his sincere gratitude to the “lions of Atlas” and his love for them, explaining that any word he could say against them is not enough.

Singer Latifa Raafat said: “The match is not the end, but rather the opening of fighters who are jealous of their homeland. They have done us the honor and have the right to be proud of being the first Arab and African team to reach the golden square.” Taking the opportunity to express my gratitude to them for everything they gave to the Motherland and the fans.

And the artist Donia Batma thanked the Moroccan team, praising them, saying: “You fought and were champions … Thank you, Atlas lions.”

Commenting on the exclusion of the Moroccan national team, comedian Ayub Idri said that Morocco came out of the World Cup with its head held high, expressing its pride in Morocco, their country and all Moroccans, who showed that they are a conscious and civilized people.

Artist Zuhair Bahawi also shared photos from the heart of Qatar with his fans and commented, “Smile and raise your head… We played the semi-finals with the defending champion and made us proud and happy and you came out as young children and rejoicing old people.. so thank you you Lions of Atlas.”

Artist Noman Belayachi said he lived with the Moroccan football team the most beautiful days of his life, adding that they were the reason for the meeting and joy of all Arabs at this historic achievement.

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