June 4, 2023

The match that the Moroccan national football team will play on Tuesday with their Spanish counterpart at the Education City stadium in Doha, following the results of the 1/8 finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, has attracted the attention of activists on social networks.

Many commentators have described the match as ‘incendiary’, amid great anxiety and much speculation over its outcome, with the Moroccans aiming to achieve what the generation of Aziz Bouderbala and Mohamed Timoumi did not, reaching the quarter-finals for the first time. and entry into history.

In turn, a group of Moroccan artists are waiting for the outcome of the confrontation, as some of them expressed in statements they have allocated to Hespress, their great optimism and confidence in the “Lions of Atlas”; Among them is a young artist, Ihab Amir, who told Hespress that he expects the national team to win.

For her part, Moroccan actress Fatima Khair said in an interview with Hespress that “today everyone supports the national team and wishes it victory and qualification”, calling “God give us another joy, God willing.”

Moroccan actress Farah El-Fassi expressed her deep feeling for the victory or draw of the Moroccan national team, and also expressed the feeling that the players will fight and do their best, wishing them success in the match.

Al-Fassi, in a speech to Hespress, urged Moroccan fans to be optimistic, stressing that whoever says that Spain is a difficult opponent must see that the French team is also strong and defeated, as well as a group of countries that had to qualify. were eliminated and expectations were not met, adding that they have a very high hope of winning, and why not reach the final and win the cup.

In turn, actress Monia Lamkimel said in a statement to Hespress that she was very proud of the high performance and fighting spirit that the “Lions of Atlas” showed when they honored the Moroccans and raised their heads to the Arabs and at the World Cup, noting that she had no doubt that they will also show a great performance in an interview that will bring them together in Spain and that she has complete confidence in them and their efforts and is proud of the whole team. .

She praised Kimmel for the enthusiasm of the Moroccan audience and their applause, which made her tremble while she was at the TV, noting that the slogans raised by them, such as “See, Sier”, had a strong effect on her and made her cry. .

The Thondons star also commented on the lack of tickets for the match and the use of some “brokers” to raise their prices, saying: “The audience in attendance was a strong motivation to support the national team. and when I heard that some of the ticket monopolists were foreigners, I understood it; But when I heard that among them were Moroccans, our compatriots, my heart sank a lot, this is not a suitable circumstance for exploitation after we found a strong team and an intelligent coach. We are proud of him and with him in our hearts, and we are with them heart and soul.”

For her part, young actress Sara Fares said she was optimistic from the start. Because we have a strong team and we have all the ingredients to win, adding that “as we saw in previous interviews, the morale created by the Moroccan team on the field was very high.”

Fares added in a statement to Hespress that she expects the Moroccan players to score against the Spanish opponent. This will allow us to qualify by taking the opportunity to send a thank you note to the Atlas Lions for the joy the Moroccans have experienced these days thanks to their great efforts, hoping that they will continue to be at this level.

And the young actress herself added: “I tell them that we are proud of you, and we all support you with our prayers, and our hearts are with you. You are our pride, and the world bears witness to it.”

The Banat Al-Assas star also urged spectators inside the stadium to “keep their enthusiasm, encouragement and pressure on the opponent”, asking them to “believe in the strength of the team and be optimistic about the good”. ; Because it works wonders.”


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