March 25, 2023
Photo: Hsport

Hisport – Abdullah Al AlawiSunday October 2, 2022 – 10:11 pm

Moroccan international Abdo Haroui contributed to Sassuolo’s victory over Salernitana in the eighth round of the Italian Football League.

Huroy cemented his Sassuolo team’s lead over Salernitana by scoring the fourth goal in the 77th minute after being pushed back in the 66th minute.

With this goal, the Moroccan international scored his first goal in the Italian “Calcio” this season, accompanied by his team “Sassuolo”.

Sassuolo raised their score to 7 points, finishing in 12th place, while Salernitana’s balance sheet froze at 7 points, and now they are in 14th place.

Italian Serie A Sassuolo Abdo Haroy

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