June 4, 2023

Hespress – Sucaina Al SadeghiSunday, November 27, 2022 – 09:00

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed that it has completed work on the system for addressing recipients of social assistance programs, which consists of two digital platforms; The first relates to the National Population Register, and the second to the Unified Social Register, and I have begun preparations for its distribution throughout the country.

As part of the pilot phase, Abdel Wafi Laftit explained in response to a parliamentary question submitted by the movement’s group in the House of Representatives that the national population register came into effect within the jurisdiction of Rabat prefecture on 24 December. , 2021, and in the province of Kenitra on January 14, 2022.

A government official indicated that up to the end of June 2022, more than 160,000 people were registered in the National Population Register in Rabat prefecture and Kenitra province.

Laftit added that since the beginning of June this year, the ministry has begun preparing requirements for the distribution of the National Population Register and the Unified Social Register to all prefectures and territories, based on the fact that two registers will be launched in the rest of the country by the end of this year. To this end, about 1,500 citizen service centers will be prepared and equipped, distributed throughout the Kingdom and reinforced by about 3,500 male and female staff.

It is noteworthy that by a decree of the Minister of the Interior of November 15, for the prefecture of Rabat, the date of commencement of work in the unified social register was set on November 17; And this means that it will officially come into force with the territorial influence of the same employment.

Notably, King Mohammed VI called for the creation of a unified social register to increase the profitability of social programs, which currently number more than 120 and are run by several public sectors.

State register of social support programs for the population Ministry of Internal Affairs

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