March 28, 2023

Yesterday, Friday, the Moroccan Royal Navy intercepted a pleasure boat carrying six illegal Moroccan migrants and smugglers from occupied Ceuta after the boat approached the coast to board the migrants and ferry them to the other side.

The Spanish newspaper “El Faro de Sota” reported that part of the auxiliaries stationed along the coastline followed the movement of the boat near the coast, while several young people swam to get to it, as this alerted other surveillance devices on the coast, to start intercepting the boat.

The same source said that one of the detainees had numerous legal precedents in the case of people smuggling between Trahal and Blench and was the subject of an investigation into other illegal migration operations in occupied Ceuta last summer, as well as a shooting case.

A Spanish newspaper confirmed that all signs point to a boat registered in occupied Ceuta being stolen from the city’s port, similar to the numerous cases of boats stolen in recent days to be used in attempts to illegally immigrate to Ceuta or Spain.

A group of people in occupied Ceuta, including professional smugglers and minors, are hijacking fishing or recreational boats at the port of Al Taghr Al Saliba, which has been the subject of several complaints from port workers and boat owners after an increase in thefts.

The port itself, according to Elvaro de Sota, has witnessed several such attempts this week due to the growing phenomenon of migration by boats not designed for this, such as rubber boats, due to the ease of camouflaging security agencies.

And Spanish media in occupied Ceuta and Melilla revealed that Morocco’s increased coastal security has forced the smuggling mafia to settle for short-term trips, especially those involving human smuggling as they drop them on the coasts of the two cities. or in their ports.

Notably, this past summer, human and drug smugglers have returned to the fore in pleasure boats or jet skis, taking advantage of the summery atmosphere that hangs over Morocco’s beaches, especially on the north coast.

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