November 29, 2022

Sales of fresh tomatoes from Morocco to the European Union increased by 17.8% during the last season, driven by a 24.7% decline in sales from the Netherlands, the region’s largest tomato supplier. from her side.

According to Euroestacom, the supplier statistics office, Spain recorded a growth of just 3.56 percent in its tomato exports to Europe, so Moroccan tomatoes benefited the most from deliveries to the region this season, although overall European Union tomato imports fell by – 2.55% and increased from 2,670.34 million kg in the 2020/2021 season to 2,602.13 million kg in the 2021/2022 season.

The total value of tomatoes purchased by the European Union during the latest campaign was 4,401.73 million euros, with an average price of 1.69 euros per kilogram.

Moroccan exports have been the biggest beneficiary of the health crisis in Spain, Italy and Portugal in recent years, which have been the most important countries importing fruits and vegetables into the European Union.

Spain, one of the most important vegetable and fruit supplying countries in the European Union, has suffered a severe shortage of agricultural labor during the pandemic as its agriculture minister confirmed that the country needs 150,000 fruit picking workers, forcing it to resort to an extension employment contracts for a number of Moroccan women workers in the strawberry fields, and the invitation of workers from the sectors was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic to participate in agricultural work, which contributed to the superiority of Moroccan exports over Spain in a number of agricultural materials.

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