December 5, 2022

Migration has been a dream of Mustafa Bengebli since he was a young man in the city of Tetouan and for this reason he accepted his studies to a bachelor’s degree with the intention of settling in Spain in the first stage and continues to study. pave the way towards Scandinavia to pass a new experience on the lands of the Kingdom of Sweden, the next stage.

Bengebli’s path is an example of perseverance in seizing opportunities to capture success beyond stumbling blocks, and a characteristic example of the desire to change the space of stability for the sake of development. Despite the achievement of old age, the strength of the bright years of youth is fading.

Immigration undergraduate

Mostafa Benjebli accepted life in the city of Tetouan, and it was in the part that is known among the inhabitants of this metropolis as the “barrio” and, having reached his 14th spring age, moved with his family to settle and study in the area “Residential and Residential complex” in the “City of Hamam”.

Mustafa says: “Training took place in many educational institutions, including Sidi al-Mandhari in Bab al-Ukla, while access to the secondary level was through specialization in the technical part, and the main goal was to obtain a bachelor’s degree before start learning. Immigration Experience.

Benjbli recalls, in the same period of the 1980s, that the young people of Tetouan and its environs were very eager to emigrate, due to the proximity of their living space to Spain, on the one hand, and the spread, on the other hand, of unemployment due to difficulties in accessing public service among the graduates, so He was among those who insisted on doing the experiment.

stage “Catalonia”

One day in 1988, Mostafa Bengebli packed his suitcase to cross the waters of the Mediterranean to the southern shores of the Iberian kingdom, and with it he passed on a package of dreams destined to make a stay in Spain a gateway to the better. future.

Al-Mazdad states in Tetouan: “Like any northern Moroccan, I thought of Spain as my first choice to emigrate. At that time, those wishing to move between the two countries were not required to obtain a visa, and the border was decided based on the mood of the Spanish security forces. I remember being asked about the amount of money I was carrying and being allowed to cross the border after I confirmed that I had 1,200 dirhams in Moroccan currency.”

Benjbli went to the “Tarragona” region in the Spanish “Catalonia” region to develop socially and economically, creating a family unit in which two daughters were born. He managed to effectively integrate into his living space and become the owner of his own home; However, subsequent changes prompted him to undertake a second immigration experience by 2004.

Departure to Scandinavia

Mostafa Bengebli confirms that he did not hesitate to leave Spain after his stay in Spain did not offer any certainty for the future, and emphasizes that the migration that prompted him to leave Tetouan was in search of a better future. Thus, persistence in seeking alternative opportunities in life persists whenever undesirable stumbling blocks are encountered.

A man of Moroccan origin explains: “After the euro currency was adopted in Spain, in order to implement the European monetary policy adopted by the Madrid authorities, the purchasing power in the country became incompatible with my position, and I realized that staying in this financial and economic system does not serve me and my family.”

Benjbli hesitated at first between going to the Netherlands or Sweden, but after seeking the help of a number of relatives in the two countries in order to collect much data on the two destinations and explore opportunities suited to his personal and professional abilities, he decided to move to Scandinavia, and his family joined him two months later.

in new layout

In a defiant tone, Mustafa Benjbli says that immigration to the Kingdom of Sweden forced him to live in more difficult times than those he experienced in the late eighties, after arriving in Catalonia, Spain. He explained this mainly by the fact that he took up this challenge after his age, and that he had not mastered the Swedish language earlier.

Ibn Tetouan explains when Yazid: “It was easier in Spain because of the proximity to Morocco and what that means in terms of understanding the Spanish language and culture. As for Swedish society, it is characterized by great isolation, and integration in Scandinavia requires great efforts from Moroccans. Apart from long language lessons.”

Punjbli began his alternative career working away from Stockholm, although he settled in the Swedish capital, taking the lead in ending the weeks of unemployment that followed her arrival in the country. And he strove to develop until he had the opportunity to join the staff of the Ministry of Transport and take a position that suits his abilities and satisfies an ambition different from those that allowed him in Catalonia.

scales experiment

Mustafa Benjbli is positive about his journey in Sweden and feels that what came to him in his second immigration experience makes him proud, while emphasizing that the work in the Ministry of Transport, responsible for maintaining logistics equipment in Stockholm and the regions, remains the fruit of the patience of a large delegation in Sweden and the result of perseverance in getting connections to succeed again outside of Morocco.

The Scandinavian expat adds: “I can only be proud of what I have achieved in Sweden after having Spain and Catalonia as my rhythm for so long. In terms of integration, professionally it is achieved by adding value to the environment in which I work, as well as by influencing decisions. While he personally visits, building friendships with the Swedes who accompany me to Morocco to get to know my homeland.”

Mustafa also considers, on the other hand, that a positive judgment about his life experience in the Kingdom of Sweden is based on what is available as a result of caring for his small family members in accordance with what allows him to maintain the original identity, stating that his two daughters received two bachelor’s and master’s degrees, so that one of them successfully works in the police, and the second works in the Social Security Corporation.

The Fruits of Perseverance

Mostafa Benjebli believes that Moroccans who are about to migrate should have the courage to change their destination if they are not in the conditions they want, and persistently seek what meets their aspirations wherever it is available, without compromising ties to origin. .

And he is about to complete two decades of stability in Scandinavia: “Immigration is not a physical presence outside the homeland; Therefore, those who want to move to another country should stay in Morocco if they are only interested in changing their place of residence.”

“The Kingdom of Sweden allows expatriates to study and work, and the belief that coming to this country at a young age increases the chance of reaching higher ranks compared to those who came here at an advanced age. Therefore, I see that the non-payers in Sweden only reaped the rewards, insisting only on failure,” concludes Mustafa Bengebli.

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