March 25, 2023

The report “Evolution of hate crimes in Spain 2021” concluded that Moroccans are among the top nationalities affected by hate crimes in Spain, which is increasing year by year, according to the assurances of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

A report prepared by the National Directorate for Combating Hate Crime and submitted by the Spanish Minister of the Interior states that Spanish public security services and agencies recorded a total of 1,802 hate crimes and incidents in Spain, up 5.63% more than last year. 2019, which confirms the growth trend of this criminal phenomenon.

According to the same report, Spaniards ranked first in terms of exposure to hate crimes with 65.53% of the total reported victims, while Moroccans came in second with 9.66%, followed by Colombians and Venezuelans.

The report highlights that 639 reported crimes were racist or xenophobic, up 24.08 percent from 2019, followed by crimes related to the sexual orientation or gender identity of the victim (466 cases) with an increase of 67 .63 percent. percent compared to 2019, and in third place are crimes related to the mindset of the victim (326), representing an increase of 45.30 compared to 2019.

According to the same document, this type of behavior is mainly subject to males (63.82 percent), with the greatest victim being the age group from 26 to 40 years old, which accounts for 32.98 percent, while minors make up 11.31 percent of total number. victims of racism and hate in 2021.

The report identified 1,133 cases that were solved by security forces in 2021, including 465 hate crimes with racist or xenophobic motives.

In this context, Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marlasca said: “The historical series shows us that more and more acts of hate are being uncovered by the security forces, fewer and fewer crimes are going unpunished, and the effectiveness of the police is growing as these types of incidents grow.”

Marlaska pointed out that hate crimes “are acts directed against specific people, but their ultimate goal is also to create a sense of fear and insecurity in the social group to which they are exposed, and therefore constitute a serious threat to the security of society as in general, because they seriously undermine the peaceful coexistence of citizens.”

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