March 28, 2023

Recently, a fierce confrontation broke out on the pages of social networks after the T-shirts of the Algerian national team with drawings referring to Fassi Zellige were discovered.

A confrontation has broken out not only between Moroccans and Algerians, as expected, but also between Moroccans, who believe that the issue really deserves all this media hype, and Moroccans, who see that there are issues of primary concern, such as health care, education, high prices . , issues of freedom and human rights, the fight against corruption and forms of rent.

If it is very difficult to “reconcile the two categories”, this does not preclude some remarks:

No one can understand the secret of the Algerian escalation against Morocco in recent months and years, where there is an endless obsession, the main name of which is the attack on everything that is “Moroccan”, whether with the intent to steal, underestimate or strike, and Zelly is no exception.

This situation automatically leads to the question: what does the Algerian regime gain from this escalation, especially at a time when strategies to divert internal affairs by an imaginary external threat no longer work?

The multiplicity of literary thefts shows that this is indeed a general “approach” and not exceptional or isolated cases.

The problem is that if the conflict over cooking recipes, for example, falls within the scope of “permissible”, then the intrusion into the falsification of history looks pathetic and disgusting.

In the case of Zellij, for example, we have heard people say that it is a “universal” product known to various civilizations from the Babylonians to the Andalusians, but this does not rule out that the unique Moroccan touch makes this “municipal” or “Fassi Mosaic” part of heritage of this country, and not others, which indicates that the palaces and mosques of the bay, which were decorated with these tiles, were used by Moroccan craftsmen, and not by others.

Rather, it does not require the use of the testimony of the late President Bouteflika, documented in the audio and video materials in this section, since the inhabitants of the border areas know that the demand in Algeria for the services of Moroccan artisans, especially the “kabsa”, among them did not stop during the years of boycott and border closures .More like the imprint of a Moroccan manufacturer Officially present even in the Great Mosque of Algiers,

What is reflected in the creativity and genius of the Moroccan masters in his mihrab, for example.

– Some people’s contempt for this “opposition” is unjustified, not because it is just a “described” literary theft, but because the civilized world works in various ways to preserve their heritage.

Cheese, known to mankind since the time of Adam, has its own protected designations in Europe and America, and no one said that it is a common right for everyone to handle milk in any way.

Morocco’s obsession with the opposition was once again evident in the competition to host Cannes 2025.

Although the minimum level of “sportsmanship” conditions the wisdom of victory, leaving the competition within its sports limits, we noticed how the media of the neighbors turned it from the very beginning into a war, a matter of life and death, and some even the most watched sports programs, solved the issue once and for all in favor of The Algerian file, only because “His Excellency wanted the president”, and the situation is such that obtaining the “honor” of the organization requires a lot of effort, and this depends not only on the level of restoration of infrastructure such as stadiums, hotels, transport and communications, but also on the effectiveness of the diplomatic move, because relations in sports are also subordinated to alliances and the highest interests of states.

In any case, energizing local public opinion by presenting the matter as if it were a battle or war with an age-old enemy would be counterproductive if this “neighbor” wins.

– As expected – with “organizational honor.”

It is also paradoxical that these apparently sporting “battles”, political and diplomatic within, coincided with the statement by the Minister of the “Interior” of the Tindouf camps that his “state” will have drones, which it will soon use.

Some took these statements seriously, while others considered them ridiculous.

But here it is important to remember that many years of experience have taught us that all the conditions for escalation exist. There are weapons, with the possibility of their use, in addition to a significant amount of megalomania. The question remains only about the level of “adventurism”, having entered into a confrontation of this level.

Let’s remember how the late monarch sarcastically commented on the possession of Polisario air defense systems at a time when even some “socialist” countries could not own them, not only because of their financial costs, but also because of experience and technology. they needed something that was hard to get locally, knowing that whoever fired those missiles at the planes, the Moroccan military were Cuban, Vietnamese, and North Korean specialists, not “Ben Battoush” and his soldiers.

There is no doubt that things have become more complicated today, because the drones that the POLISARIO claims to have, even assuming that they somehow received them, exempt the real buyer from the obligation under the “end user” clause. A “control center” and experts are needed, unless some believe that the Houthis, for example, manufacture and use “drones” to bomb Saudi Arabia, and that Iran is content to pray for them with the blessing of “Ya Hussein.”

– POLISARIO’s statement about having drones coincided with that of Minister Burita, which was marked by unprecedented harshness regarding the Iranian threat to the national security of Arab countries and Iran’s support for terrorist militias. : Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

And since Iran cannot send these militias (especially recruits from Afghanistan and others) due to geographic restrictions, it can go through the Polisario gate to create a new hotbed of tension.

This scenario may seem very unlikely and even imaginary, but as I mentioned above, many things are controlled by the level of insanity of these Algerian military, and nothing else.

In recent months, it is possible to extrapolate dozens of official statements by top officials in the power hierarchy, while excluding the regular and consistent attacks of the militias of the official and semi-official media. madman listens” because that’s the only way to understand the audacity to accuse a neighbor of aggression, while publicly stealing his heritage, and spending public money on arming militias and buying recognition as a state, with all that is required to bear the costs of his travels and ambassadors .

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