March 25, 2023

refined Leila Ben Ali, Minister I’m moving in energy and development stable, aNo Expect an prescribe Morocco in Exploit Gas region Larache, Start From End year 2024, Construction on me Results cheerleader for study geological and geophysical, what did outside desk National for hydrocarbons and minerals and his partner successful well research, And this in Period extended From middle December 2021 before middle January From year Current 2022.

simply reply Minister Ben Ali Reply on me Question my book for the deputy Avad construction, O team kinesthetic Near Exploit rocks oil and gas rocky, thenprocesses drilling gesticulate followed by From booty data elementary Abant O Presence Capabilities invasive with this Region, Stewardess this isif which proved Research what this is Project With feasibility economical, will be I’m moving in to me stage exploitation With completed year 2024″.

disclosed Minister what Morocco abounding with basins desert and freely several, which the permit his details geological proceed systems fatty another Can what to be favorable accumulate fields oil gas, as such Full Intensification efforts intelligence service O oil and gas all directions Kingdom.

dedicated Ben Aliwhat Research and research geological and laboratory and experimental successful Regarding Exploit rocks oil and gas rocky, proved what Morocco Accessible on me Capabilities a task From rocks oil all From region I understand and Tarfaya and Tangier, as such included research geological and analyzes Geochemical From Access to me effects and pointers encouragement on me level age a piece of chalk in swimming pools Rashidia and word and Pullman and swimming pool eyes Bujdur.

She pointed Minister to me this is It’s been completed state strategy New During of the year Last manifest in abram inhiccups partnership between desk National for hydrocarbons and minerals and companies International Leader in development Projects rocks oil intention grade it reserves.

and tightened Leila Ben Ali, Minister I’m moving in energy and development stable on me what region rocks oil Known two problems main They are: problem traffic From processes Research technology for stones oil to me stage production, so Problems environmental presented in get rid of From wasted in vain solid and processing water used and reduce From emissions invasive.

as such confirmed in Exhibition her answer what Morocco Been a witness During Period which between 2010 And2014, interest From the consignment companies globalism research O Gas rocky, And this in Hue situation International corresponding while develop this is provider.

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