December 4, 2022

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Mohamed Seddiqi said that the one-time soft wheat import support system, which was adopted by Morocco from November 1, 2021 to the end of December 2022, allowed the import of about 48 million centners of soft wheat. until August 16, 2022 (almost 11 months), exceeding the monthly demand of industrial enterprises.

Responding to a written question from MP Naima Al-Fatawi about the Justice and Development Party parliamentary group, the minister reviewed the government’s measures to ensure the supply of grain from international markets, pointing to “the cessation of customs duties on grains and legumes.” imports and the adoption of the regulatory mechanism presented in the provision of arbitrary support”. For imported soft wheat to maintain the pace of imports and the stability of the price of bread at AED 1.20.

According to the minister, “the amount of monthly support fluctuated between AED 77.98 and 171.75 per centner respectively in the November 2021 and August 2022 draws”, stressing that “an additional mechanism has been adopted to increase the national stock by the amount of 3 million centners of soft wheat and one million quintals of durum wheat, bearing fruit. The state provides grants for storage until the creation of an integrated national system associated with a strategic reserve.

A government official explained: “Morocco has adopted a strategy to diversify its sources of supply in order to avoid all factors that could affect the national market.”

The minister stressed that the government’s measures “allowed our country to protect itself from the consequences of external price fluctuations due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, which are the second and third supplier of soft wheat to Morocco.”

According to the minister always, “more than 850,000 centners of domestic production of soft wheat were harvested and imported for the 2022 harvest, from June 2022 to mid-August, about 22 million centners of the main cereals, consisting of 66% soft wheat.”

Al-Siddiqi said: “Our country has managed to register, by the end of June 2022, soft wheat stocks sufficient to cover the needs of industrial mills and hard wheat stocks sufficient to meet the needs for a period of more than two months. end of June.

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