February 7, 2023

The recent FDI 2023 report showed Morocco ranked third, along with India and Qatar, in the list of the world’s most attractive countries for investment in 2023.

Morocco, ranked third in the report, has strong investment momentum until 2023 thanks to the macro cycle as the International Monetary Fund forecasts GDP growth for 2023 at 3.1 percent, inflation at 4.1 percent and interest driven by its potential . in the field of renewable energy among investors, in particular.

The report, prepared by The Times, includes information on foreign direct investment and analyzes the macroeconomic trajectory and foreign direct investment for the top 50 destinations for foreign direct investment in the world using data from the International Monetary Fund and foreign investment monitoring.

According to the same report, the International Monetary Fund expects India to grow by 6.1 percent in 2023 while keeping inflation relatively under control.

According to the report, in 2022, the first sectors for FDI projects were oil and gas, financial services, software and information technology services.

The experts in the report pointed out that between 2019 and 2022, Qatar achieved an annual growth of 70 percent in foreign direct investment projects, and its economy is expected to grow by 2.4 percent in 2023.

According to the experts who prepared the report, many foreign investors are looking forward to combining the potential of solar and wind energy in Morocco to produce green hydrogen.

Investors include Luxembourg-based Eren, which has developed a green hydrogen project in the Guelmim Oued Noun region with the potential to raise over $10 billion. Experts also note that at the same time, the country remains the largest recipient of industrial FDI in the MENA region after Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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