December 4, 2022

An informed source told Hespress that Morocco is preparing to reopen two consulates in Libya.

A Hespress source did not specify a date for the opening of the two consulates, but confirmed that “this is the objective of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation in the medium term”, noting that the opening of two consulates in Libya “comes in fulfillment of royal directives aimed at serving members of the Moroccan community abroad “.

The Hespress source added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad has initiated contacts with the Libyan side for the return of Moroccan diplomats, noting that the decision also “comes down to requests from Moroccans living in Libya who find it difficult to access in Consulate General of the Kingdom in Tunisia to carry out its administrative tasks.

Morocco set up a mobile consulate in Tripoli between 24 and 30 October last year to help Moroccans living in Libya complete their tasks.

Last January, the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the arrival of a Moroccan delegation in preparation for the opening of the Rabat Consulate in Tripoli, led by the head of the Arab Maghreb Union Affairs Department at the Foreign Ministry, including a number of top ministry officials after an 8-year closure .

On November 27, a joint Libyan-Moroccan consular committee in Rabat agreed to facilitate the issuance of visas to citizens of the two countries.

The Moroccan embassy in Tripoli continued to function until 2014, when Morocco closed it as a result of sabotage, which negatively affected the lives of about a quarter of a million Moroccans living in this country and found themselves without diplomatic representation.

Notably, Morocco has played a key role in overcoming divisions between the conflicting Libyan parties since the Skhirat Accord negotiated in 2015, and has also continued to host delegations from the Libyan Council of State and the Libyan House of Representatives for joint views on overcoming the Libyan political crisis.

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