June 4, 2023
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Hespress – Amal KeninMonday, December 19, 2022 – 12:00 pm

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communications said that the Kingdom has succeeded in recovering millions of historical documents from the archives of foreign countries, emphasizing its desire to “get more archives belonging to the Kingdom; And this is by opening channels of communication with interested authorities in a number of countries in order to convince them of the importance of these archives for the preservation of the national memory of Morocco.”

The Ministry stated, in response to a question posed by MP Naima Al-Fathaoui on behalf of the Parliamentary Group for Justice and Development, that “in order to activate article 27 of Law No. of its creation for the collection and preservation of national archives, Conscious of the need to collect archival sources of interest to Morocco and abroad, this institution, in coordination with the services of the Ministry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, has signed a number of agreements with institutions managing archives in a number of foreign countries; As a result, millions of digitized copies of documents, images and maps relating to past periods of history have been collected.

The ministry in charge of the cultural sector, in its response to the same written question, named a number of documents that it was able to obtain, whether they were documents from state archives or even from private archives.

Among the documents that the administration was able to obtain from the public archives, the Ministry of Mohammed el-Mahdi Bensaid mentioned digitized copies of documents from the archive of the French legation in Tangier between 1892 and 1904, which are preserved in the Center for Diplomatic Archives in Nantes, as well as digitized archives and documents, of interest to the history of Moroccan Jews, related to the Jewish Holocaust (Holocaust), as well as preserved in the Center for Diplomatic Archives in Nantes.

According to the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communications, Morocco was also able to obtain digital copies of the telegraph records of the Postal Corporation in the city of Rabat during the colonial period from 1913 to 1918 and documents from the Jewish Museum of the Holocaust. which are digital copies related to the situation of the Jews during World War II, as well as hundreds of digitized documents on Moroccan-Portuguese relations and documents of interest to Moroccan-Jordanian relations in the fifties and sixties.

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