February 8, 2023
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Hespress – WLLTuesday, January 17, 2023 – 10:36 pm

The Morocco national handball team is saying goodbye to the 2023 World Cup competition currently held in Sweden and Bologna from the first round after running into their Croatian counterpart 24-36 in the meeting that brought them together. , today, Tuesday, at the Kinarbs Arena in Jonkoping (Sweden).

In the first half, the Croatian team took the lead with a score of 15:13.

The national team was defeated in the first match against the United States of America with a score of 27:28, then in the second match against Egypt with a score of 19:30.

After this result, the national team finished last in the Group G standings without points, while the Egyptian team took the lead with a total of six points from three victories, followed by the Croatian team with a total of four points. , then Team USA with two points.

After qualifying from the competition, the national elements will compete in the President’s Cup, which is reserved for the eight teams that did not qualify for the main round.

The first three teams from the group of Egypt, Croatia, Morocco and America advance from the first round to the main round, which is also played in a group system, with the final three from the group advancing to join the trio. advanced from the next group, and each team advances to the main round with its points from the teams that moved up with it from the group.

The main round consists of four groups of six teams each.

The first and second in each group advance to the quarter-finals, which are held according to the knockout system, and the competition is held from the quarter-finals to the end according to the same system.

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