June 4, 2023

“In contrast to the setbacks and cracks that cross the world, Morocco embodies the promises and hopes of social and cultural modernity,” royal adviser André Azoulay said Friday in Marrakesh.

Azoulay added in his speech at the plenary session of the 11th session of the Atlantic Dialogues conference on the topic “North-South Crossing Views in a Fragmented World” that “under the determined and strong-willed leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has chosen to establish legitimacy in the countries of Islam and the richness of all its diversity is the main driving force behind the uniqueness of its society and its identity.

Azoulay, who criticized the loss of focus around what matters: coexistence, respect for diversity and the universality of the values ​​of solidarity in the world in a polarized state, stressed the “continuity, coherence and flexibility of the reforms carried out by Morocco.” .”

He added: “These reforms have enabled our country to consciously and decisively confront financial, health and international crises that have weakened and sometimes destabilized the global system.”

He recalled that Morocco, which has “turned away from the failures, obsolete ideas and isolation of identities” that flourish elsewhere, “knew how to consolidate a society in motion, in harmony and stability, in order to provide a structural and sustainable response to the main challenges of our time “.

Subsequently, the King’s Adviser reviewed, within this horizon, the projects undertaken by Morocco in a proactive manner, whether it is due to the unprecedented dynamism of the medium and long term development plan that OCP is preparing to implement, or to the voluntary strategy launched. Morocco to advance its fields of energy, renewable resources, while remaining mobilized to develop its exceptional green hydrogen potential in the future.

Speaking to former French Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine, the king’s adviser underscored the “comprehensive and integrative nature of the social project that Morocco has decided to build, without turning away from the foundations of its history, its traditions and pluralism, which has nourished and melted our civilization over the centuries, in order to realize today, in our region, the most complete benchmark for the nation.” to face the complexity of the challenges he will face tomorrow.

For his part, Vedrine described the historical relationship between Morocco and France as “exceptional”, adding that “a unique phenomenon of relations has developed over the years between French and Moroccan societies, between the French and Moroccan elites, and between the French and Moroccan middle classes in all areas.”

He said it was “a treasure that we have inherited from this shared past”, noting that “there were occasional crises, but they were always overcome.”

In this regard, Vedrin stressed that despite the chaotic globalization, there are areas in which France and Morocco remain “good partners”, adding that the two countries are called upon to make great strides together in the coming decades.

He took part in this high-level meeting, which was organized from 14 to 16 December under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI at the initiative of the New South Policy Center on the theme “Prospects for international cooperation in a changing world … Opportunities opening up in the expanded Atlantic Ocean.” Over 350 guests from 60 nationalities.

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