June 2, 2023

Roma manager José Mourinho has apologized to Norwegian player Ola Solbakken after refusing to replace him against Sampdoria yesterday, leaving the player in an embarrassing situation.

The Italian Roma team beat their guest Sampdoria with three free goals in the match that took place between them last night, Sunday, at the Stadio Olimpico, as part of the twenty-eighth round of the Italian league competition in the current 2022-2023 season.

In the course of the match, the Norwegian was ready to leave the bench with the score 0-0, however, having received instructions, Roma scored the first goal through the Dutchman Jorginho Wijnaldum.

At that moment, Mourinho was seen with a strange reaction in front of the cameras, needing no description, as he waved to the player to sit down again and not be replaced.

And the post-match video went viral on social media as people sympathized with the Danish player’s embarrassment, with even Mourinho posting it on his Instagram account and writing apologetically: “First sorry.”

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