April 1, 2023

Amid what has been going on in several public schools due to repeated strikes by “contract” structures and teachers, Ikram Al-Hinnawi, a member of the Parliamentary Progress and Socialism Group, warned of the casualties of this situation among “students belonging to the poor and marginalized classes.”

He also warned about the consequences of “the negative impact of this situation on the normal course of the course during the current academic year in a certain order and under the control of the same general conditions for all educational institutions in the country.”

In a written question addressed to the Minister of National Education, Shakib Benmousse, I demanded that he inform about the measures he will take to ensure the right of students studying in these educational institutions, especially in circles, schools and remote villages that lack the most basic conditions for studies and achievements in their minimum limits.

And it considered the demands of the striking “contract” professors to be “legitimate demands”, calling for an answer to them, through the actual settlement of their status within the framework of a single and fair basic system, “everyone is waiting until you come to the ground.”

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