February 8, 2023

The Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation on Monday launched a medical and surgical column in the province of Midelt, which brings together interdisciplinary examinations and medical interventions.

According to representatives of the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation, this medical campaign is part of the launch of the Medical-Surgical Proximity Campaigns for 2023 (the beginning of the cold season) with the aim of bringing medical care closer to people in need in remote areas.

This medical convoy, organized by the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation, received hundreds of citizens from various regions of the region, especially mountainous and remote areas, to receive medical services in many specialties, especially those related to surgical operations.

In this context, Abdullah Omar Moussa, head of the medical and humanitarian department of the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation, said that the foundation was organizing a medical convoy to Bumiye. In parallel with this medical convoy organized in this city, operations for glaucoma “Galala” were organized at the Hassan II Regional Hospital in Midelt for the benefit of a number of citizens who had previously registered on the waiting list to use these services. operations.

Omar Moussa added in a statement to Hespress that this medical convoy is being organized under these conditions, in which mountainous areas are known to be very cold, two years after such medical campaigns were halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, stressing that the convoy targets needy groups in particular, and brings these health services closer to them, indicating that the work of this column is being done well and that all segments of society in the Midelt region and the districts have taken part in it.

The same official stated that the implementation of this solidarity initiative takes place in partnership with the regional authorities and the regional delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Midelt, the administration of the Hassan II Regional Hospital in Midelt and a group of partner associations with the Foundation. Including two associations contracted with the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation (Moroccan Association of Ophthalmologists Without Borders and Caravan of Hope Association).

According to Abdullah Omar Moussa, the working group hired by the Mohammed V Solidarity Fund to ensure the success of this medical convoy consisted of about 150 people. Among them are specialist doctors and general practitioners, nurses and nurses, paramedics associated with the Foundation, and volunteers from the region.

For her part, Dr. Somaya El-Jedidi of the Humanitarian Medical Center of the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation pointed out that since 2003 the Foundation has been pursuing a policy of proximity to provide medical and social services for the benefit of people in remote areas who are in a precarious situation and who Difficulty accessing basic health services.

Al-Jadidi added in a statement to Hespress that the Mohammed V Solidarity Fund is organizing a large two-part medical convoy today; The first deals with several specialties in Bumie and surrounding areas, and the second deals with ophthalmic surgery at the Midelt Hospital, noting that the number of surgeries performed up to the end of today, Tuesday, has reached 84, benefiting citizens arriving from remote mountainous areas. .

Statements received by Hespress from a number of beneficiaries unanimously spoke of the success of this medical convoy organized in Bumia in these cold weather conditions, noting the efforts of the medical and paramedical teams to provide them with treatment services, and they also expressed gratitude to King Mohammed VI for this solidarity initiative.


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