March 25, 2023
US billionaire Tesla owner Elon Musk has challenged Twitter CEO Prague Agrawal to debate the percentage of fake accounts on the company’s social media platform.

“Let him prove to the public that Twitter has less than 5% fake users a day,” Musk, the richest man in the world, tweeted. Musk also launched a survey asking users if less than 5% of daily Twitter users are fake.

While Twitter dismissed Musk’s claims that he was tricked into signing a deal to buy the social network, he called the allegations “incredible and false.” Musk also filed a counterclaim on Twitter on July 29 as the legal battle against the social network escalated over his attempt to pull out of the deal.

Elon Musk has previously said that his $44 billion takeover of Twitter could happen if the company reveals its methodology for sampling 100 accounts and how to prove they are real. A US judge has denied a request by Musk’s legal team to delay the start of a lawsuit over the dispute between Elon Musk and Twitter, about 3 months after the two sides agreed to buy Twitter for a record $44 billion.

Although it was the richest man in the world who sought to take over Twitter and lobbied the board of directors for two weeks until they actually accepted his proposal, in the next period, Elon Musk hesitated until the Twitter board of directors went to court. force him to close the deal. The announcement of the Twitter deal deal has been one of the most viewed news around the world because of what it could mean for a platform used by tens of millions of people daily and relied on by world political, economic and other leaders. , transformation from a joint-stock company to a sole proprietorship.From groundbreaking change to Twitter performance.

On the other hand, global billionaire Elon Musk sent a warning message to his father, Erol, calling him fat, telling him “Dad, the press is manipulating you for money, please shut up.”

And Errol Musk caused consternation in his latest statement, revealing during an interview with renowned Australian radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show that he donates his sperm to rich women in Colombia because of his successful children. “There’s a company in Colombia that wants me to donate sperm to inseminate elite Colombian women because they say, ‘Why go to Elon when we can go to the man who gave birth to Elon?’ – he said.

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