June 8, 2023
The National Cyber ​​Security Authority has called on local cyber security startups to register for the Cyber ​​Security Accelerator, which aims to strengthen the Kingdom’s entrepreneurial system and encourage innovation in this area, as part of the Cyberc development program. cybersecurity sector for three weeks starting today Tuesday through a dedicated platform on its website www.nca.gov.sa.

The authorities explained that the accelerator is one of the main opportunities to stimulate the local cybersecurity industry system and connects new cybersecurity technology companies with investors.

In order to expand its activities and develop its capabilities, it aims to empower 40 start-up companies in this field within 3 years, and provide companies with financial support of more than 6.5 million rials, as well as more than 500 hours of consulting services. and a direction for companies looking to expand in this area.

She pointed out that the accelerator aims to support local cybersecurity startups, encourage innovation to find creative solutions to cyber problems across multiple areas, including data protection, cloud security, IoT security, AI security, and proactive cybersecurity information. threats, in addition to an increase in the number of security companies. It aims to stimulate the industry in this area and attract foreign and local investment in it as part of its efforts to develop the sector and restore national capacity specialized in the field of cybersecurity.

The launch of the cybersecurity accelerator is being carried out in collaboration with its technical arm, the Saudi IT company SITE, as well as in partnership with Plug and Play, one of the largest technology business accelerators in the world. business development for start-ups through training and providing a supportive environment and compliance, in addition to following up, assessing and applying the best standards, in addition to holding seminars and support meetings, sharing experience and providing advice.

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