March 28, 2023
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked on a new era in research and innovation for human health, sustainability of its environment and needs, leadership in energy and industry, and advancement of the economy of the future following the announcement by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee on Research, Development and Innovation, Aspirations and Priorities National Research, Development and Innovation in the Kingdom for the next two decades to enhance the Kingdom’s competitiveness and leadership worldwide.

National aspirations and priorities for research, development and innovation are based on four core priorities: human health, environmental sustainability and basic needs, leadership in energy and industry, and the future economy, in line with the Kingdom’s vision for 2030 and strengthening its position in as the largest economy in the region.

The Kingdom’s announcement of its aspirations and priorities in this vital sector is an attraction for interested researchers and entrepreneurs at the national level and around the world and welcomes the participation of researchers and innovators and their joining the journey of innovation for the benefit of people and building a knowledge economy based on research , development and innovation.

Based on the priority of leadership in energy and industry, the Kingdom aims to deepen the economic influence of this sector and make the Kingdom an industrial powerhouse. Through the priority of the economy of the future, the Kingdom looks at the development of the future of urban life in general, by forging partnerships with the private sector and increasing its role in the transformation of research into innovations with economic value.

Since its inception, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has recognized the need to keep pace with the latest technical developments as the growth of the company has resulted in providing tremendous opportunities for innovation through integration, exchange of experience and exchange of experience and knowledge. So decades ago, the company decided to invest heavily in innovation and research, seeking to develop new technologies that support its current operations, improve the performance of its factories, and drive its business towards growth, leadership and competitiveness.


SABIC has established a system of innovation, development, research and technology in five major regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, employing about 1660 scientists and researchers who have contributed to the registration 10,090 patents and patent applications.

Through the system, the company provides sustainable products and unique solutions that meet the aspirations of partners and the needs of customers. To date, the system includes 20 centers in the following main areas of its activity, six of which are located in the Kingdom: “SABIC Technical Center” in Riyadh, Jubail SABIC Technical Center and Jubail SABIC Technical Center. SABIC for the Development of Applications for Plastics (SPADEC) in Riyadh, the SABIC Research and Innovation Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Tuwal (House of Innovation) in Riyadh, and the National Research and Development Center in sustainable agriculture (Estidama) in Riyadh, which is managed by SABIC. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources. and agriculture.

The SABIC Plastics Application Development Center (SPADC), established by the company in the Riyadh Technology Valley at King Saud University, is one of the milestones in the company’s history of driving innovation, going beyond traditional use, and meeting customer needs. , and cooperate with them to find reliable technical solutions, develop new plastics for entrepreneurs in the Kingdom; To provide solutions that can help reduce environmental impact and reduce energy costs, thereby facilitating the adoption of new applications in the business sector.

(House of Innovation) embodies innovation for sustainable development and provides a forum for industry leaders, ministries, government agencies, universities and others, as well as a meeting place that brings together the best minds and organizations interested in the future of the Middle East. an influx to develop the manufacturing industry and expand the labor market, as well as a stimulating platform for transforming ideas into industrial products, as well as highlighting the latest innovations in the design, construction, operation and management of energy efficient buildings that support sustainable lifestyles. . (Home of Innovation) includes the “High Performance Home Model”, which is an example of a sustainable single-family home in the Middle East region that is LEED Platinum certified; As a result, the ability of the house model to achieve a complete balance of energy consumption and production in an area with difficult climatic conditions.


SABIC maintains a successful long-term cooperative relationship with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); Develop technologies that go beyond improving the competitiveness of SABIC to achieve important social benefits. Therefore, the establishment of the “SABIC Research and Innovation Center” at the university headquarters, funding research projects in areas that have a direct impact on the company’s business, funding the Department of Polymer Catalysts, and supporting scientific research at the university by providing grants for scholarships that improve the quality of research, and also note the valuable contribution of teachers and researchers at the university.

In order to support agricultural research, SABIC oversees the management and operation of the “National Research and Development Center for Sustainable Agriculture” (Estidama) in Riyadh Technology Valley, King Saud University, for the benefit of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. ; Promote sustainable agriculture in the Kingdom through applied research on innovative agricultural technologies, biological pest control, and the development of fertilizer and irrigation water management programs.

SABIC believes that there are many opportunities for future growth in innovation, research and technology. The company works closely with Saudi universities to support scientific research and benefit from innovation, as the company continues to open up areas and provide material and moral support to Saudi university faculty to participate in patent registration, in addition to strengthening its close cooperation with universities and research centers in Kingdom, as part of the initiative Offering a variety of research programs, including grants and funding programs, as well as providing an opportunity for educators to participate in scientific conferences and forums. The company pays special attention to the creation and financing of specialized scientific departments in universities in many areas.

SABIC plays an active role in promoting innovation in the Kingdom. To better understand the economy of the future, the challenges facing industrial sectors and transform knowledge into innovative solutions that keep pace with aspirations and meet needs in a special way, with a focus on sustainable innovation to improve human health, protect the environment, major investment in circular economy and carbon neutrality, as well as attention to climate change, clean energy, pollution and others.

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