December 2, 2022

An active morning atmosphere reigned today in the capital Rabat before the match between the Moroccan national football team and the Croatian national team in the first round of the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

From early morning, a large number of people joined the cafes of the main areas of Rabat, led by Hasan, Agdal and the ocean. This caused many of them to follow the interview from the sidewalks adjacent to the café.

Hespress witnessed today’s tour in Rabat with a significant crowd at the café; Among them were students and staff who left their workplaces and classrooms to follow the progress of the meeting, which ended with a score of 0.0.

Passionate fans carried national flags in Moroccan jerseys, hoping to advance to the next round and advance to the group stage, despite acknowledging the challenge.

In turn, the “feminist element” lived the atmosphere of the match from inside the Rabat cafes in the capital, and the same applies to other Moroccan cities that have witnessed the interest of Moroccan women to follow the match.

The atmosphere of “Casablanca” was no different from that experienced by the capital Rabat, where the thirsty masses from an early age gathered in front of cafe screens, according to Hespress Camera.

In El Jadida, huge screens were installed in the city, giving viewers the opportunity to follow the interview in an enthusiastic setting, which was repeated on social media sites over the past period in various Moroccan cities.

And the opinions drawn by the Hespress camera from the cafe clung to optimism in the next two dates with the national teams of Belgium and Canada, hoping to achieve positive results in the remaining matches of the World Cup.

The Moroccans whom Hespress faced, after the discipline shown in the first interview, demonstrate their confidence in the group of coach Walid Rekraki, betting on the next match to open the team’s gates.

Ahmed Boufakran, national coordinator of the National Association of Cafe and Restaurant Owners in Morocco, explained that the revival only means the match of the national team, and the rest do not receive much attention at the cafe level.

Boufkran added in a statement to Hespress that the turnout was lowered as companies began broadcasting matches at workplaces, given that the highest profit margins during a Morocco-Croatia match would not exceed AED600.

A spokesman warned of the high cost of broadcasting matches and subscribing to channels with exclusive rights. However, despite this, Moroccan cafes took service seriously, hoping for a large turnout for upcoming matches, despite the significant impact of the economic crisis on cafe viewing.

In the same context, Shakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, expressed his full support for the first Moroccan national football team after its first match, in which it faced its partner, Croatia, within the Group of Six, drawing the World Cup competitions currently taking place in Qatar explain that “the desperation of the elements of patriotism on the field was supported by the strong enthusiasm of the crowd with high morale, which did not miss the podium.

Benmoussa, who attended the Atlas Lions match at Al-Bayt Stadium in Doha, said in a statement to Hespress e-newspaper after the match ended in a 0-0 draw today Wednesday that the match was strong and was characterized by an equal atmosphere before a strong Croatian team, which, in turn, took the second place “World Champion”.

Benmussa expressed his pride in the performance shown by fellow Yassin Bunu, saying: “The players and the rest of the team showed a high patriotic spirit. They played with all their heart to achieve a positive result and please the fans who made a massive pilgrimage to the stadium.”

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